Cenntro Delivers First Light Urban Delivery EV Designated for European Streets


Cenntro Automotive, an electric vehicle (EV) technology company with advanced commercial vehicles, has produced and shipped 628 of its newly launched model Logistar 200 (LS200), a light urban delivery vehicle purpose-built to navigate European streets.

“We are excited about our achievements in December, the successful launch of new model LS 200 in the European markets, and the ability to ramp up our production for the different models,” says Peter Wang, Cenntro’s chairman and CEO. “These are significant milestones for a successful electric vehicle business. We not only demonstrated our abilities to design and produce innovative electric vehicles that address the needs of growing market demand, but we also continue to demonstrate our capabilities to produce and deliver the vehicles to our customers.

“With the working capital injection from the merger with Naked Brand Group, and the market demand for our vehicles, we are confident that we will meet our production guidance of 20,000 vehicles next year,” adds Wang.

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