Cenntro Begins Shipments of Logistar 200 Commercial EVs


Cenntro Electric Group Ltd., a commercial electric vehicle (EV) technology company, has commenced shipments of the Logistar 200 (LS200) multi-purpose, light commercial EV to European markets, with over 170 vehicles sold and delivered to local customers.

The LS200 is a multi-purpose vehicle customized for transporting light goods in urban areas, and N-1 Class urban delivery vehicle specially designed for the EU market. The LS200 has a one-ton payload and a cargo space of 247 cubic feet, when using a cargo box. The LS200 has numerous applications including delivering goods, hospitality and catering, transportation and storage, rental and lease, and other uses by small businesses.

“We are very pleased with the strong reception of our LS200 product line in Europe,” says Peter Wang, chairman and CEO of Cenntro. “Despite supply chain and logistics challenges we have started shipping the LS200 to European markets and are receiving positive feedback on the vehicle’s performance and abilities. Looking ahead, we will continue to ramp up sales, production, vehicle distribution and service infrastructure for the LS200 and our full EV portfolio. We are confident we can meet the ever-growing demands for commercial EVs with leading innovations and functionalities and help create sustainable value for our customers and shareholders alike.”

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