Cenergy Opens ANG Test Center, Provides Tech Updates


Nevada-based Cenergy Solutions has opened a new adsorbent natural gas (ANG) testing center in Fremont, Calif. The company says the technology developed and commercialized at the facility will enable consumers and businesses to transition gasoline and diesel vehicles to use natural gas and refuel at their homes and offices.

Cenergy Solutions is also having its Generation I ANG system tested by NW Natural, a large natural gas utility company covering Oregon and southwest Washington, and two fleet operators: The Gas Connection in Colorado and AAAA Generator in California.

Furthermore, Cenergy Solutions has announced its patent-pending natural gas desorption system that uses dielectric heating inside ANG cylinders or tanks. The company claims its system causes the natural gas to release from adsorbents in order to fuel vehicles more efficiently. ANG systems with dielectric heating increase the pressure in the CNG cylinder or tank for onboard fuel storage for vehicles, transportation tanks and CNG storage at fueling stations. According to the company, the technology will be used to store natural gas in vehicles at less than 500 psi and get similar volume as in a conventional 3,600 psi cylinder.

Communications & Power Industries LLC (CPI), which specializes in microwave components, is doing model testing for Cenergy' Generation II ANG cylinders and Generation III ANG conformable tank. Cenergy says its innovations were made possible by collaborating with CPI and global energy storage company EnerG2.

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