Celly, Cyclum Team Up to Transform Truck Stops


Celly H2 LLC and Cyclum have formed a partnership aimed at revolutionizing truck stop infrastructure and advancing sustainable energy solutions. Leveraging Celly’s expertise in green hydrogen distribution and Cyclum’s innovative approach to truck stop design, the partnership seeks to integrate state-of-the-art Celly Hydrogen Refueling Stations at Cyclum Truck Stop locations across California and Florida.

This collaboration not only ensures fast, reliable and U.S.-made green hydrogen refueling for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and fleet owners, but also signifies a pivotal step toward a greener, more efficient future in the trucking industry.

Based in Texas, Celly’s comprehensive services span from delivering and dispensing low-CI (carbon intensity) hydrogen to cutting-edge modular refueling stations, encompassing operations, maintenance and logistics. Inspired by successful models in Europe, Celly is committed to sustainability and efficiency, offering hydrogen fuels tailored for municipalities, transit authorities, fleet owners, industrial users, refineries, ports and businesses. Embracing a “drop and swap” approach to hydrogen transport, Celly epitomizes the future of sustainable energy distribution.

Cyclum will integrate state-of-the-art Celly Hydrogen Refueling Stations at every Cyclum Truck Stop location. Each site will be tailored for OEMs and fleet owners seeking sustainable, cost-effective and scalable hydrogen infrastructure.

Cyclum’s new Truck Stop concept combines traditional and transitional fuels including diesel, renewable diesel and ethanol-based gasoline with renewable fuels including renewable natural gas (RNG), compressed natural gas (CNG), green hydrogen, as well as electric vehicle fast-charging capabilities. All these fueling options come with amenities including convenience stores, restaurants and even short-stay sleeping pods at select locations.

“By aligning with Celly, Cyclum can ensure that our facilities are equipped with the most advanced and reliable hydrogen systems available, offering OEMs, truck fleets, truckers and travelers a sustainable and convenient experience,” says Shuaib Sayed, business strategy — marketing and financial analyst for Cyclum.

Currently, Celly and Cyclum are working with multiple committed truck stop operators, architects, engineers and contractors at over 18 locations in California and Florida. Current plans include the West and East Coast truck routes along with connecting the central U.S. through Interstate 10, 20, 40, 70 and 80. Specialized locations with cooperative partners are an additional priority through the nationwide implementation strategy.

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