Capital Metro Procures Over Two Dozen Proterra Electric Transit Buses


Capital Metro in Austin, Texas, has approved a plan to purchase 26 40-foot Proterra ZX5 Max electric transit buses from Proterra Inc., featuring a total of more than 17 MWh of battery storage capacity. The plan also contains options for the agency to acquire an additional 126 40-foot electric transit buses and chargers over five years.

The procurement plan approved by Capital Metro marks one of the largest acquisitions of battery-electric transit buses in North America. Capital Metro’s first Proterra ZX5 Max buses are slated to be delivered in 2022.

This is Capital Metro’s third and largest procurement of Proterra battery-electric buses. Over the past year and a half, the agency introduced its first six Proterra electric-transit buses as well as its North Operations electric bus yard, which utilizes Proterra Energy interoperable charging infrastructure to support the agency’s growing fleet of electric transit buses.

Designed and manufactured in the U.S., Proterra’s electric transit buses are equipped with the company’s battery technology systems. The 40-foot Proterra ZX5 Max selected by Capital Metro features 675 kWh of energy storage to deliver up to 329 miles of drive range on a single charge, which represents the most energy storage and longest drive range of any 40-foot electric bus available in the market today.

“Proterra is incredibly proud to build on our strong partnership with CapMetro and deliver our newest, fifth-generation electric bus technology to help Austin realize its important goal of 100 percent zero-emission transportation,” says Josh Ensign, president of Proterra Transit. “Through its embrace of next-generation electric bus technology and charging infrastructure, CapMetro is setting a model for others to follow in the transition to clean, quiet transportation for all.”

“The announcement is a major milestone for CapMetro as we strive to provide safe, clean and equitable transportation for our community for generations to come,” states Randy Clarke, CapMetro’s president and CEO. “Public transportation has a bright future in Central Texas as we continue to bring Project Connect to life in the coming years.”

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Eddie Murray
Eddie Murray
7 months ago

What is the investment level for all of this? How is it being funded?