CALSTART Launches EV Employer Initiative


CALSTART, an organization that supports clean transportation technologies, hosted a workshop this week designed to bring electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to workplaces throughout California.

At the event, the group launched the EV Employer Initiative, which is focused on supporting existing firms that want to expand their workplace charging efforts and help other firms learn about the best practices and ways to implement such programs. The goal of the program will be to rapidly expand the number of employer-based EV chargers and programs.

The CALSTART program will also help employers learn about the real-world costs of implementing chargers, how to avoid peak-time electricity rates and the potential for adding clean distributed energy on-site.

‘By installing chargers at the workplace, employers can help extend the effective daily range of an electric vehicle,’ said John Boesel, president and CEO of CALSTART. ‘Electricity is a new fuel that is particularly easy for an employer to support.’

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