EVgo Selected for California Rideshare Electrification Projects


EVgo Inc. has been selected for proposed awards for two California Energy Commission (CEC) Charging Access for Reliable On-Demand Transportation Services (CARTS) grants to directly support its partnership with Uber. Using the proposed award funds of over $3.6 million, EVgo will develop twin, public, fast-charging hub sites featuring 72 charging stalls – including 38 designated for public use – within Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

As part of this program, all four of the new charging sites will feature fast charging up to 350 kW, ultimately aiding EVgo and Uber in their shared mission to electrify the rideshare industry and provide enhanced access to public EV fast charging infrastructure in rideshare-dense regions within California and beyond.

In August 2021, the CEC released a CARTS grant solicitation and application package under the Clean Transportation Program, designed to provide funding for projects that support EV charging infrastructure for on-demand transportation services including those such as ride-hailing, taxis and more. The proposed awarding of two CARTS grants builds upon EVgo’s previously announced partnership with Uber, which is designed to support the adoption of EVs in the rideshare industry by decreasing their total cost of ownership through increasing access to public fast charging infrastructure.

With the proposed funds from the CEC, EVgo will build 72 new fast-charging stalls in rideshare-dense and ethnically diverse areas within Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Leandro. Of the stalls, 38 will be open for public use in high-mobility demand zones and the balance will be dedicated to fleet vehicles, helping support more equitable access to charging infrastructure and reducing local pollution from high-mileage vehicles.

“EVgo has long been a leader in fleet electrification through partnership, and in partnership with the CEC, Uber and fleets, EVgo looks forward to continuing to build on our commitment to delivering EV fast chargers that benefit different drivers and communities across the country,” says Jonathan Levy, chief commercial officer at EVgo. “This direct support from the California Energy Commission will help accelerate the deployment of fast charging that benefits fleets and retail drivers alike, making going electric a no brainer whether you’re operating a commercial fleet or don’t even have a car!”

“Climate is a team sport, and these projects between EVgo, the California Energy Commission and Uber are a win-win-win,” states Adam Gromis, Uber’s head of sustainability policy. “Together, we’ll increase access to more affordable urban fast-charging solutions in the areas where drivers most need them, increase passengers’ exposure to EV technology via more all-electric rides on Uber, and drive real emissions savings for Californians.”

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