California Energy Commission OKs Biodiesel, EV Powertrain Projects


The California Energy Commission has approved more than $9.5 million in grants for two biogas projects and $1.6 million for an electric vehicle powertrain conversion project.

Motiv Power Systems Inc., based in Foster City, Calif., will receive funds to convert older United Parcel Service (UPS) and U.S. Postal Service medium-duty gasoline and/or diesel walk-in vans to use its electric powertrain.

Pixley Biogas LLC has received $4.6 million to construct an anaerobic digestion facility that will produce biogas from dairy manure and will power the adjoining ethanol-producing Calgren Renewable Fuels Biorefinery.

Also, Community Fuels, in Encinitas, Calif., will receive $4.9 million to expand biodiesel production capacity at its Port of Stockton facility from 10 million to at least 15 million gallons per year.

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