California City Halfway to All-Electric Transit Goal


California-based GreenPower Motor Co. Inc. has received payment for the next three EV350 all-electric transit buses for the City of Porterville, Calif., bringing the city’s total electric bus fleet to five.

This represents the halfway mark for Porterville’s initial order of 10 zero-emissions transit buses; the next five are set for delivery this fall. These vehicles will replace all of the city’s existing compressed natural gas-powered transit buses. The EV350 was designed and built by GreenPower.

The City of Porterville is located in the San Joaquin Valley, which has some of the worst air pollution in the U.S., says GreenPower. The city’s route requirements range from 190 miles to 230 miles each weekday, and GreenPower configured the buses with 432 kWh of batteries – the standard configuration is 320 kWh – to handle these requirements.

The price of each bus, fully configured, is approximately $820,000; the city received California Climate Investments funding to cover the cost of the new buses.

“The City of Porterville is pleased to receive the next three GreenPower buses that will comprise its all-electric transit fleet,” states John Lollis, Porterville’s city manager. “Now with five of the 10 new buses received, we can begin to firmly imagine the benefit these buses will provide to the Porterville community – not only for its zero-emission air quality contribution, but also for their quiet and smooth ride that will improve rider experience. We eagerly look forward to the full complement of 10 buses this fall, which, in partnership with GreenPower Motor Co., will begin the full implementation of our all-electric transit fleet.”

“Our proven bus technologies are serving an expanding group of stakeholders with clean, emissions-free transportation,” notes Brendan Riley, president of GreenPower. “Many cities are implementing programs to improve their air quality and reduce noise pollution. Our buses provide a compelling option for the growing number of cities seeking clean, reliable, quiet transit systems.”

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