Cabot Celebrates CNG Benefits and New Fueling Station in Pa.


Cabot Oil & Gas Corp., which produces natural gas in Pennsylvania, hosted an event Thursday to highlight the benefits of compressed natural gas (CNG) usage across the northeastern part of the state, as well as celebrate the first CNG fueling station in Susquehanna County.

The event featured displays by companies and organizations throughout the region that are using natural gas in their equipment and products. Attendees included business leaders, industry stakeholders and representatives of elective offices.

According to Cabot, speakers noted several benefits of CNG, including decreased use of gasoline and diesel and expanded course offerings from regional colleges and universities to meet the workforce needs of the industry and to provide maintenance training on new natural gas vehicles and fueling stations in the area.

At the event, Cabot celebrated the opening of its CNG fueling station in Susquehanna County, which the company will use to fuel 60 vehicles in its fleet. The company also showcased drilling and fracturing equipment that run on natural gas.

Amy Farrell, vice president of market development at America's Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA), said, ‘Steps by Cabot and other ANGA members to use natural gas in a range of applications from fueling vehicle fleets to powering drilling equipment just shows our industry's commitment to the benefits of using natural gas.’

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