Burlington Hydro Using Elster EnergyAxis For Electric Vehicle Project


Ontario-based utility Burlington Hydro Inc. says it will use the EnergyAxis system from Elster to support its electric vehicle fleet – a part of the utility's GridSmartCity renewable energy and smart grid modernization initiative.

The project will study the potential for ‘broad-scale vehicle electrification’ in commercial fleet applications, the companies say. EnergyAxis will enable Burlington Hydro to remotely monitor and control electricity consumption patterns at a vehicle charging station in Burlington, and to better understand how to develop an optimal recharging infrastructure and integrate electric vehicles onto the grid.

‘We believe hub-and-spoke fleets represent the best opportunity for widespread vehicle electrification and, with Elster, we are able to accurately measure and monitor critical information on electricity consumption at the hub location,’ explains Gerry Smallegange, president and CEO of Burlington Hydro.

For the GridSmartCity project, Burlington Hydro plans to incorporate an all-electric vehicle into its working fleet for a collaborative one-year study and demonstration project with the University of Waterloo, Transport Canada, Elster, Eaton and Pioneer Petroleum.

SOURCE: Elster

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