BluWave-ai Debuts EV Fleet Orchestrator SaaS Product for Fleet Operations


BluWave-ai says Version 2.0 of it EV Fleet Orchestrator software-as-a-service (SaaS) product has officially launched.

Built on BluWave-ai’s established AI energy optimization platform and leveraging its technology IP portfolio, the EV Fleet Orchestrator reduces the overall cost of operations and carbon footprint for fleet operations with mixed battery electric and fossil-fueled vehicles running out of buildings, depots, or regional networks of depot/hubs. The product manages the live operation of EV transport systems, including operating vehicles and managing buildings/depots’ electricity utilization, including real-time market price management and peak shaving targets.

The product also provides simulation of fleet operations to assist in planning and right-sizing capital assets such as number/types of chargers, numbers of EVs and depot energy storage, and local renewable generation.

BluWave-ai’s EV Fleet Orchestrator optimizes energy costs in real time by consolidating the many parameters of energy and fleet operations, providing a holistic view and coordinated energy dispatch/control of charging, scheduling and static energy assets. This optimization includes managing peak loads at depots to minimize the grid demand and capital infrastructure requirements. It integrates data from weather feeds, building electrical systems, electricity market pricing, chargers, traffic, vehicle telematics and information, including vehicle state of charge, position, speed and range to empty. These data sets are acquired live and from historical operations integrating with BluWave-ai Atlas to enable them AI-ready for EV Fleet Orchestration.

“For the past five years, BluWave-ai has been building here in Ottawa one of the world’s premier companies at the intersection of renewable energy, transport electrification, decarbonization, data and artificial intelligence,” says Devashish Paul, CEO and founder of BluWave-ai. “We are leveraging the talent of Canadian AI researchers, building off our successful patent-protected electricity grid optimization software product, to solve the hardest and most pressing challenges related to climate change with our global customer base.”

“We see all the CAPEX on EV fleets, but then fleet operators are leaving electric vehicles parked,” continues Paul. “They are sending diesel miles to the road because they don’t fully understand when to charge and when to drive, with this $1.7 million grant from Fed Dev Ontario, we will be able to augment capabilities of our EV Fleet Orchestrator AI product with fleet operators in Canadian, U.S., European, and Indian markets.”

To date, BluWave-ai has completed analysis and simulation for Dubai Taxi’s fleet operations, which showed an initial 13% reduction in emissions and energy costs as an example of the benefits for revenue fleet operators. In addition to building the SaaS product, BluWave-ai has tested the technology at its OCPP-controlled charger live lab, The Flight Test Center, integrated with multiple chargers where features are tested and stabilized prior to live fleet operations.

FedDev Ontario is providing a $1.7 million interest-free repayable loan as part of a larger $6 million project. This support cross-subsidizes testing, bringing the BluWave-ai EV Fleet Orchestrator top reproduction-ready stage for multiple worldwide markets. This will also create 50 additional jobs with a private investor and corporate investor financing as part of BluWave-ai’s current Series A round.

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