Blackmer Launches Compressor Line with Autogas Application

Blackmer, a manufacturer of pumps and compressors, has launched a new series of triple-seal LB943 oil-free reciprocating gas compressors designed for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and anhydrous ammonia applications.

According to a Blackmer spokesman, the new compressors could be used in autogas applications.

11171_blackmer Blackmer Launches Compressor Line with Autogas Application‘There very well could be applications within fleets and OEMs for this product,” he says. “Normally, there are pumps that are used in the autogas dispensers, but a compressor is used in other areas of the LPG/autogas fueling system. A perfect example would be if they have a fleet of taxis and need to do repairsâ�¦then they would need to evacuate the tank of all product and vapors before working on it. That's one little example of where a compressor like this would be used.”

Blackmer says the LB943 series compressors incorporate a double-distance piece design with three individual sets of packing to maintain product purity and prevent oil migration. The company adds the compressors are equipped with high-efficiency valves, steel pistons, oversize piston rings for wear resistance, steel-needle bearings for full rod load reversal and S3R oil seal technology for protection.

LB943 compressors are available with flow capacities from 7 cfm to 125 cfm (11.9 to 212 m3/h) at working pressures up to 350 psi (24.1 bar).

Blackmer is part of PSG, a Dover company.


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