Ballard Signs $12 Million Fuel Cell Deal to Power Commercial Buses in China


Ballard Power Systems has signed a $12 million equipment supply agreement (ESA) with Guangdong Synergy Hydrogen Power Technology to provide FCvelocity-9SSL fuel-cell stacks for commercial buses in China. Ballard expects to deliver the stacks in 2016 and 2017.

Synergy will collaborate with Dongfeng Xiangyangtouring Car Co., part of Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer Dongfeng Motor Corp. Dongfeng is the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in China.

“The momentum we have been experiencing over the past year in China has been primarily driven by heavy-duty motive power applications, specifically to power mass transit buses and urban trams,” says Randy MacEwen, president and CEO of Ballard.

Each FCvelocity-9SSL fuel-cell stack will deliver approximately 15 kW of power, appropriate for range extension applications. The ESA for fuel-cell stacks is in addition to agreements that Ballard previously announced for heavy-duty power applications in China.

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