Ballard Fuel Cell Modules Will Power Tata Electric Buses


Tata Motors has ordered 15 of Ballard Power Systems’70 kW FCmove-HD fuel cell modules to power zero-emission fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs).

The buses are planned for deployment in Faridabad, the largest city in the National Capital Region of Delhi, India. Tata Motors is India’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, with revenue of approximately $35 billion.

The 15 buses will be supplied by Tata to the Research & Development Centre of Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. (IOCL). Tata and IOCL will jointly study the potential of fuel cell technology for commercial vehicles, including testing, maintenance and operation of the FCEBs in real-world public transport conditions. IOCL will also generate and dispense the hydrogen fuel to be used by the Ballard modules in these buses.

“The FCmove product is Ballard’s 8th-generation engine for transit buses and reflects high performance, simplified design and reduced cost from our prior generation product,” says Rob Campbell, Ballard’s chief commercial officer. “As always, Ballard will work closely with Tata to ensure seamless integration of our engine into its FCEB design, along with the highest level of on-road performance.”

Ballard plans to complete delivery of all modules by 2022.

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