Atlis Motor Vehicles Unveils XT Electric Pickup Truck Design


Atlis Motor Vehicles has revealed its functional prototype XT pickup, a purpose-built 100% electric truck designed to power work. This is the first electric work truck in development with a 300, 400 or 500-mile battery that will recharge in less than 15 minutes.

From service body to flatbed upfits, the XT pickup, built on the XP platform, can be configured to meet the specific needs of fleet owners, small businesses and tradespeople.

“We are out to change the work truck market. The goal is to create an electric pickup with the performance characteristics of a ¾-ton diesel that can quickly be recharged,” says Mark Hanchett, Atlis’ founder and CEO. “We’ve focused on the design features our target market cares most about – maximizing functionality, storage, capability and passenger comfort to create the best possible ownership experience.”

The XT does not require a large engine bay, which allows for a downward sloping hood to improve aerodynamics and visibility. It also provides significant vehicle storage, which is critical in a work truck. The front trunk, or frunk, has a spray-on bed liner and offers 18.5 cubic feet of space. It is also equipped with 2 x 110V/30A outlet, a 240V/50-amp outlet, access to compressed air and USB-C charging ports.

The XT pickup’s bed is available in 6.5 and 8 feets, and comes standard with a spray-in bed liner. The bed-mounted power outlets host a variety of built-in functionality, including four 120V outlets/30-amp, two USB A ports and two USB C ports to allow customers to plug in all ancillary devices while in the field.  One 240V/50-amp hookup will power tools that require a higher voltage, such as a welder.  A pneumatic hookup will power any pneumatic tools allowing customers to bring their entire shop into the field, eliminating the need for any type of infrastructure to get the job done.

The XT is equipped with a CCS charge port as well as an AAC/1.5 MW charge port on along the front left side of the vehicle. This enables the vehicle to utilize the existing charging infrastructure and leverage the J1172 port to recharge on a standard 120 or 240 V outlet and be able to ultra-fast charge using the AAC port in less than 15 minutes.

“This is the fourth iteration of the XT prototype, and we plan to start production in late 2022,” continues Hanchett. “The team continues to refine the interior and exterior design based on extensive customer and investor feedback. We have the engineering and design expertise, flexibility and vision to create something completely different to provide customers with an entire ecosystem needed to get their jobs done.”

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