Applied LNG and BP Energy Ink Biogas Agreement


Applied LNG has signed an agreement to purchase biogas from BP Energy Co.

BP Energy will supply biogas from waste landfill sites, which produce methane as a byproduct. Applied LNG says it will use this biogas to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG) in its liquefaction facility in Topock, Ariz., and then sell the LNG to the transportation fuel market.

‘We are committed to providing affordable, cleaner and domestically produced LNG as an alternative to oil-based products such as diesel, gasoline or propane,’ says Cem Hacioglu, Applied LNG's president and CEO. ‘Using biogas as the feedstock makes LNG an even more compelling choice as one of America's sustainable energy sources.”

With this agreement, Applied LNG says it continues to strengthen its commitment to producing LNG from renewable resources, which currently account for more than a quarter of its natural gas supply. The company says BioLNG is available for Applied LNG's customers at the same price as LNG derived from conventional natural gas.

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