APG Selects Collicutt As Dual-Fuel Natural Gas System Installer


American Power Group Inc. (APG) says it has certified Collicutt Energy Services as an installer and dealer for stationary applications of its Turbocharged Natural Gas dual-fuel systems in Alberta and western Canada.

‘We recently worked with the Collicutt team on a test installation in northern Canada and decided to formalize the relationship and begin marketing our dual-fuel conversion system in the territory,’ explains Lyle Jensen, CEO of American Power Group.

Collicutt is a service provider with over 30 years of experience in the power generation and gas compression industries. It offers design and engineering services, field sales and support, large equipment overhaul and refurbishment, and parts inventory services.

APG's Turbocharged Natural Gas technology enables conversions of diesel engines to run on liquefied natural gas, compressed natural gas or bio-methane.

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