AMV Files For Six New Patents To Bring Electric Work Truck To Market


ATLIS Motor Vehicles (AMV), a start-up mobility technology company developing an electric work truck, has filed six new provisional patents for the protection of key technology related to its 100% electric XP vehicle platform and XT pickup truck. 

The new patent applications cover battery tab design, distributed control of vehicle systems and use cases involving digital mirrors, route planning, configuration of the XP Platform and towing intelligence. 

Previously, AMV submitted for patent protection across its proprietary battery cell, battery thermal management technology, charging technology, modular platform and various vehicle systems. The six new patent applications bring the total to 16.

AMV is developing the XT pickup to meet the size, refueling, towing and payload capabilities of legacy diesel-powered vehicles and the XP platform which is the base for the pickup and a stand-alone medium- to heavy-duty electric platform. The company’s proprietary battery technology, electric motors and a modular system architecture will create a high capacity, high output, fast-charging work truck.

“Traditional automakers are dependent on their suppliers, sourcing much of the same off-the-shelf-technology as their competitors,” says Mark Hanchett, CEO of AVM. “We are taking a vertically integrated approach, developing all technology in-house to create a vehicle that meets specific customer needs. We innovate with purpose and our strong IP portfolio is a huge differentiator.”

To access a full list of AVM’s new provisional patents, click here.

All AMV technology is being designed, developed, and produced in Mesa, Ariz.

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