AMV Files EV Charging, Electric Work Truck Patents


ATLIS Motor Vehicles (AMV), a start-up mobility technology company, has filed five new provisional patents for protection of key technology related to its proprietary electric vehicle (EV) charging technology and XT pickup truck. The new patent applications cover charging algorithms, charging handle, cable and station technologies, data management, and driver profile transfer technology.

To date, AMV has submitted 25 patent protection applications for battery cell, battery thermal management technology, charging technology, modular platform and various vehicle systems. The company is developing the XT pickup truck to meet the size, refueling, towing and payload capabilities of legacy diesel-powered vehicles and the XP platform, a “skateboard,” which serves as the base for the pickup. The company says it is also developing battery cells and packs, electric motors and a modular system architecture that will create a high-capacity, high-output, fast-charging work truck.

“We are developing all technology in-house to create a vehicle that meets specific customer needs,” says Mark Hanchett, CEO of ATLIS Motor Vehicles. “ATLIS has a robust and growing patent portfolio, further positioning the company as a true contender in the EV start-up space.”

AMV’s five new pending patents include:

  • METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR CHARGING CURRENT PROFILE, A CHARGING TEMPERATURE PROFILE, AND SPIKES FOR A RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Application number 17217516. This covers ATLIS’ charging algorithms used to achieve 15-minute complete charging cycles. ATLIS vehicles do not require preconditioning before reaching a charging station and leverage advanced algorithms and conditions to ensure battery cell life.  
  • METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR CHARGING AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE: Application number 17215303. This application covers ATLIS’ charging handle, cable and station technologies that allow the company to deliver the energy required to charge a vehicle in 15 minutes. This design is leveraged to minimize heat generation, size, and increase comfort and usability of the ATLIS Advanced Charging station systems.
  • METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR DATA TRANSPORT AND TRANSMISSION FROM A REMOTE LOCATION: Application number 1807.123.020. This patent application focuses on the connected ecosystem of chargers, vehicles and equipment, specifically focusing on how ATLIS will connect both direct and indirect cloud-connected systems to each other to better manage data to and from the ATLIS ecosystem.
  • METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR A GEOMETRIC AND DRIVER PROFILES FOR A VEHICLE: Application number 17216150. This patent covers driver profile transfer between vehicles of like and non-like interior layouts. Leveraging 3D geometric profiles created from driver and occupant position, climate, and driving style settings and smart algorithms to geometrically configure a secondary vehicle upon entry.
  • METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR CHARGING STATION IDENTIFICATION, AUTHENTICATION, AND ENERGY DELIVERY: Application number 1807.124.020. This patent covers the use of near field communication and wireless communication technologies to identify, authenticate and engage with a charging station to start the energy transfer between the station and the vehicle. This is a key component in ATLIS’s long-term vision to build out a seamless, high-powered charging ecosystem.

All AMV technology is being designed, developed and produced in Mesa, Ariz.

Photo: AMV’s XT pickup truck

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