AMP Holding Inks Order for E-GEN Electric Workhorse Trucks


AMP Holding Inc., parent company of AMP Trucks Inc., says it has entered into a purchase agreement with a major transportation company to supply two E-GEN electric Workhorse Walk-In Vans.

The trucks, which will be deployed by February, include an on-board emergency generator.

This order comes on the heels of AMP Holding's recently announced agreement with a major transportation company to supply 18 all-electric Workhorse E-100 Walk In Vans to be deployed in the Houston/Galveston, Texas, area.

The Workhorse E-GEN truck is purpose-built for the package-delivery vehicle market. It is designed for the stop-and-go nature of the drive cycles: Recharging only occurs if the battery state of charge falls below a predetermined level, the emergency brake is on, the vehicle is in park and the key is out. Recharging is designed so that it can occur while the driver is making a delivery, loading new packages or taking lunch.

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