American CNG Converting 150 Diesels to Run on Renewable Natural Gas


American CNG says it is performing 150 DEMI Diesel Displacer renewable natural gas (RNG) conversions on Sand Revolution‘s existing diesel fleet, with the potential of additional conversions at a future date.

Sand Revolution, based in Midland, Texas, provides turnkey last-mile logistics, focused heavily in the Permian Basin.

DEMI Diesel Displacer allows diesel assets to run on RNG through a non-invasive conversion. Implementation of this technology will reduce Sand Revolution’s carbon footprint, and significant financial savings will also be realized as they increase hauling capacity and utilize domestic, renewable fuel.

“Converting our company-owned fleet to RNG is the evolution of our thinking – doing our part to both meet the needs of industry, but with a lighter touch on the environment,” says Greg Lanham, CEO of Sand Revolution and Fevid Transport.

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