Ameresco Participates in Clean Hydrogen Pilot Project


Ameresco Inc. has been selected to participate in a hydrogen pilot project by vote from a new consortium, Building the Clean Hydrogen Economy, formed by Guidehouse. The new consortium operates with the goal of creating and launching innovative pilot projects that use clean hydrogen to increase renewables integration and decrease emissions.

Utilizing clean hydrogen production from existing and future renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities, the hydrogen pilot project will aim to provide a low-carbon, scalable fuel source for heavy transportation along the I-10 corridor between Los Angeles and Phoenix.

The company joined the Guidehouse Clean Hydrogen Economy Consortium in September 2021 to work with other members and explore ways to advance the hydrogen economy. Other organizations that have joined the consortium include Bank of America, Citi, Cummins, Linde, Walmart and more.

“The development of the clean hydrogen market is an area of need that our consortium fully understands,” states Lisa Frantzis, a partner at Guidehouse. “Through these pilot programs, we hope to decarbonize some of our country’s most challenging industries and collaborate with top minds from global and regional organizations to drive clean energy measures in communities across the country and unlock hydrogen’s full potential.”

“We’re excited to be included in Guidehouse’s continued work to highlight the importance of the market’s demand for a clean, scalable and dispatchable future fuel source such as clean hydrogen,” says Mike Bakas, Ameresco’s EVP. “I want to congratulate our Alternative Fuels Team for their tireless effort to formulate a hydrogen fuels project concept that leverages our renewable natural gas projects. Through our deep technical team experience, we look forward to utilizing our core competencies to accelerate the growth of hydrogen in the market for the benefit of our clients and the environment.”

The consortium voters evaluated projects based on the following criteria: technical and commercial viability; environmental benefits; scalability; and engagement support from local, state and federal levels. For the top three proposals selected by the consortium voters, a full business case will be performed, and the consortium’s working groups will then execute on two or three of them.

“Our team understands that clean hydrogen is an essential fuel of the future,” comments George Sakellaris, president and CEO of Ameresco. “With Guidehouse serving as the orchestrator, we are excited to see the potential ways that our Hydrogen Pilot Project can help accelerate the use of hydrogen technologies in cleantech projects across the globe.”

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