Alliant Energy Commits to Electrifying Light-Duty Fleet


Alliant Energy says 100% of the company’s active light-duty fleet vehicles will be electric by 2030.

To achieve this goal, Alliant Energy will replace end-of-life light-duty vehicles, including up to half-ton pickups, sedans, SUVs, passenger vans and forklifts, with battery-electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). Advancing the company’s commitment to building strong communities, Alliant Energy plans to purchase electric vehicles (EVs) and parts locally to further benefit communities and local economies.

“Our customers and the communities we are privileged to serve benefit from our plan to electrify our fleet vehicles and our commitment to a cleaner energy future,” said JP Brummond, vice president of business planning at Alliant Energy. “By transitioning to EVs, we reduce the total cost of ownership of our fleet and reduce emissions. The savings are an element of our ongoing focus to maintain affordable rates for our customers while also contributing to a cleaner environment for all to enjoy.”

EVs offer several advantages for customers and communities, including lower total cost of ownership through reduced fuel costs, less maintenance and fewer direct emissions.

This new goal is part of the company’s Clean Energy Vision recently showcased in Alliant Energy’s 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report. The company aims to eliminate all coal from its generation fleet by 2040. Alliant Energy also announced a new aspirational goal of net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for the electricity it generates by 2050.

For more information on Alliant Energy’s electrification goals, click here.

Photo: Alliant Energy’s 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

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