Alexander Dennis Designs New Medium-Duty, Double-Deck Electric Buses


NFI Group Inc.’s Alexander Dennis Ltd. subsidiary is expanding its zero-emission bus portfolio with the addition of new electric bus products fully designed and integrated in-house using its own expertise. Available for customer delivery starting in late 2023, the new small medium-duty bus and new electric double-deck bus will complement the highly successful products of the BYD ADL partnership, which will continue to be sold and supported.

The new designs, developed in-house with third-party input from Coventry University, will give the new models curb appeal and highlight their zero-emission credentials. Buses for the United Kingdom and Ireland will be fully built in Britain. Details and technical specifications will be released over the coming months.

The new platforms will also be utilized in international markets, tailored to the requirements of cities, transport authorities and bus companies in each territory. The recently announced order for Enviro500EV electric double deck buses in Hong Kong will be part of this new generation of zero-emission buses.

The U.K.’s battery-electric buses, the BYD ADL Enviro200EV and BYD ADL Enviro400EV, will continue to be offered in the U.K., Ireland and New Zealand. Alexander Dennis’ second-generation hydrogen bus, the Enviro400FCEV, will also continue to form an important part of the company’s zero-emission bus solutions and will be delivered to launch customer Liverpool City Region later this year. Already fully designed and integrated by Alexander Dennis, it shares technology and key driveline components with the upcoming new battery-electric models.

“Alexander Dennis continues to lead the transition to zero-emission mobility and this unparalleled investment in the latest zero-emission technology gives operators, transport authorities and councils the freedom to choose from an even wider range of buses,” says Paul Davies, president and managing director at Alexander Dennis. “We have always been highly respected for our product innovation, and throughout this difficult period for our industry we have continued to challenge our engineering team to evolve our range.”

“The result will be a brand new fully in-house designed, integrated electric double deck and small bus product giving our customers access to the latest zero-emission vehicle technology from a single, trusted source,” Davies continues. “Investments can be made safe in the knowledge that everything will continue to receive the first-class aftermarket support that we are renowned for.” NFI has electric vehicles operating (or on order) in more than 110 cities in six countries. It offers a wide range of zero-emission battery and fuel cell-electric buses and coaches.

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