Air Products Supporting Edmonton International’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Fleet


The Edmonton International Airport has selected Air Products as the hydrogen and technology provider for Alberta, Canada’s first hydrogen fuel cell passenger vehicle fleet.

Under the agreement, Air Products will station a mobile hydrogen refueler at the airport to provide hydrogen for a fleet of Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The airport will begin with a fleet of five to be used by employees and plans to expand the fleet to as many as 100 cars to serve as a taxi service at the airport.

Fueling of the vehicles will begin this week.

“Air Products is proud to support Edmonton International Airport in this first-mover project to establish the first passenger hydrogen fuel cell vehicle fleet in Alberta,” says Eric Guter, Air Products’ global vice president, hydrogen for Mobility. “Access to clean hydrogen fueling infrastructure is key to the energy transition and efforts to decarbonize transportation.”

Earlier this year, Air Products announced plans to build the first commercial-scale hydrogen refueling station in Edmonton. The multi-modal station, which will serve heavy-duty and light duty vehicles, will be located near Air Products’ hydrogen energy complex under construction in Edmonton. This station, scheduled to open in 2025, will include two hydrogen refueling lanes with dispensers for heavy-duty vehicles such as commercial and municipal trucks, and Air Products’ own truck fleet. In addition, the station also will have two fueling positions for light-duty hydrogen fuel cell cars.

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