Air Products Spearheading Hydrogen Fueling Station Project


Air Products, the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) and Indian Oil Corp. are collaborating on a unique project that will use solar energy to produce renewable hydrogen for a fueling station.

UPES and Indian Oil, the country's largest oil company, will use Air Products' hydrogen fueling technology and infrastructure, coupled with a solar power project near Delhi. The hydrogen produced will be used for a mass public transit bus fueling and vehicle demonstration program.

‘Although this is a demonstration project, this will be a major stepping stone for India to move toward the hydrogen economy,’ says Dr. Niranjan Raje, a former director of Indian Oil and the principal investigator for the project.

Once complete, the UPES project will be the third Air Products hydrogen fueling station operating in India. It is scheduled to be operational in July 2013.

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