Air Products Developing Hydrogen Refueling Facility in Alberta


Air Products says it plans to build a multi-modal hydrogen refueling station near its new net-zero hydrogen energy complex under construction in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The hydrogen refueling station will be Air Products’ first in Canada and the first commercial-scale hydrogen refueling station in Alberta.

The new station will include two hydrogen refueling lanes with dispensers for heavy-duty vehicles, including Air Products’ own truck fleet, with a filling time on par with conventionally fueled heavy-duty trucks. In addition, the station also will have two fueling positions for light-duty hydrogen fuel cell cars.

Using proprietary compression technology, the station will have a capacity of up to 6 tons of hydrogen per day. The complex will use an advanced process technology that enables the cost-effective capture of more than 90 percent of carbon emissions for permanent sequestration safely underground.

The complex also will be integrated with neighboring Imperial Oil Ltd.’s new renewable diesel facility. Imperial will produce renewable diesel from locally sourced non-petroleum feedstocks, using a process that produces a biogenic renewable off-gas byproduct. This renewable off-gas will be used as a feedstock within the Air Products hydrogen complex, displacing natural gas and further enhancing the overall carbon emissions profile.

The station is scheduled to open in early 2025 and will be available to retail customers.

Air Products currently operates three hydrogen production facilities in Alberta and also operates a hydrogen production facility, a 30 km pipeline network and a liquefaction facility in Sarnia, Ontario.

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