Agility Fuel Solutions Introduces Third-Gen Roof Mount CNG Fuel System


Agility Fuel Solutions, a global provider of clean fuel solutions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, has introduced its new third-generation roof mount compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system for automated side loader, rear-end loader and front end loader refuse collection vehicles.

Agility introduced its roof mount CNG fuel systems for refuse fleets in 2001, and since then they have been used widely by fleets large and small across North America. With a design utilizing Agility’s lightweight carbon fiber composite TUFFSHELL ACF Type 4 CNG cylinders, and with fuel capacity options ranging from 60-92 diesel gallons equivalent (DGE), the roof mount systems can meet the needs of any refuse fleet. The internal CNG plumbing was redesigned to significantly reduce potential leak points and the placement of pressure relief devices (PRDs) for fire safety was improved to provide optimal coverage based on where fires are most likely to occur.

“With nearly 20 years of use in the field and with tens of thousands of systems on the road, we have seen the roof mount CNG fuel systems put to the test in nearly every imaginable scenario,” says Eric Bippus, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Agility.

“With this new design, our team ruggedized the roof mount against physical damage from daily use, while also making the entire unit lighter and easier to install and service,” he adds.

The new roof mount systems include full-length ¼-inch steel rub rails to defend against tree branch strikes – and to reinforce the entire structure. The aluminum exterior cover features a chamfered design, tool-free removable service access panels, fewer exposed seams and button-head screws to prevent branches from catching or damaging the system.

The new systems are designed with tool-free access panels to allow for easier inspection and service. And for ease of installation, and in case the system needs to be removed for major vehicle repairs, revised lift points, exposed mounting points, and interfacing tube connections allow the entire CNG system to be mounted or dismounted quickly and safely as a single unit.

Photo: Agility Fuel Solutions’ third-generation roof mount CNG fuel system

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