Aemetis Licenses Tech To Produce Renewable Jet And Diesel Fuel


Aemetis Advanced Fuels Inc. has attained a license agreement to use Chevron Lummus Global's (CLG) ISOCONVERSION process technology to produce renewable jet and diesel fuel in its North American biorefineries.

ISOCONVERSION leverages patented catalytic hydrothermolysis (CH) reactor technology that was developed by Applied Research Associates (ARA) to use water as a catalyst to convert plant oils into stable intermediate oil products. The intermediate oils are processed with hydrogen using ISOCONVERSION catalysts to produce drop-in jet fuel and diesel.

‘ISOCONVERSION is different from other licensed technologies in that the biodiesel and biojet produced from the unit are truly fungible fuel products meeting all ASTM and military quality specifications,’ says Leon de Bruyn, managing director of CLG. ‘This offers our clients a unique advantage by eliminating the need to blend petroleum-derived diesel and jet [fuel] into biofuels.’

‘As an experienced biofuels company that is already operating refineries in the U.S. and Asia, Aemetis brings significant momentum to the commercialization of this revolutionary renewable jet and diesel fuel production process,’ adds Chuck Red, program manager at ARA.

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