AAA Tightens Relationship with Blink Charging for EV Support


Blink Charging Co. has signed an agreement with AAA to become a preferred supplier, enabling Blink to offer EV charging products and services to affiliated AAA service providers.

Blink has already installed on-site chargers at numerous AAA branch offices, AAA-owned repair facilities, and auto repair shops, ensuring convenient access to EV charging services for members with diverse EV charging needs. Notably, AAA was an early adopter of Blink’s first-generation Mobile Charger in 2019, which facilitated roadside charging in select cities. Now, Blink will extend its offerings to AAA service providers, supporting their efforts to adapt to the evolving demand for EVs.

Initially, this program will benefit 19 AAA clubs and affiliates at over 60,000 locations across the nation. These entities will enjoy significant cost savings, thanks to a streamlined ordering process and preferred pricing options. By introducing additional EV charging solutions to their facilities and fleets, AAA clubs can attract more drivers. Furthermore, the program equips roadside assistance providers with enhanced tools to serve EVs efficiently.

“EVs play a pivotal role in the changing automotive industry, and AAA is thrilled to welcome Blink as a preferred supplier providing roadside EV solutions to our members,” says Cliff Ruud, automotive managing director at AAA Inc.

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