A-Z Bus Sales Delivers Electric Vehicles Through VW Mitigation Trust Program


A-Z Bus Sales Inc., a provider of clean transportation solutions, has delivered the first all-electric school buses in California under the VW Mitigation Trust Plan. 

Columbia Union School District received the buses, the first of many electric school buses under this program to replace older high-polluting diesel buses.

“A-Z Bus and Blue Bird continue to offer innovative technologies for pupil transportation, and we are excited for Columbia Union and their role as trailblazers in the state of California,” says John Landherr, chairman and CEO of A-Z Bus Sales. “Converting old diesel-powered school buses to zero-emission electric technology protects our school-age children. It also helps our communities in California clean the air.” 

The purpose of the VW Environmental Mitigation Trust is to fully mitigate the excess NOx emissions caused by VW’s illegal actions. In California, that amounts to 10,000 tons of NOx. Implementing California’s Beneficiary Mitigation Plan will fully mitigate the excess NOx and commits to long-term air quality and climate goals by investing in zero-emission technologies. Approximately 425 vehicles are in the process of replacement under the program, including school, shuttle and transit buses.

The Blue Bird electric school bus utilizes technology by Cummins Electrified Power. Cummins has over 100 years in drivetrain innovation. With local warranty centers throughout the state, it offers an unparalleled level of support, notes the company. The buses have a range of up to 120 miles of range and make full use of regenerative braking technology to maximize route lengths.

A-Z Bus Sales works closely with school districts to help source funding opportunities for school bus replacements and the critical infrastructure required to support the electric buses. Anticipated savings to school districts with an electric school bus include up to 80% savings in fuel costs with up to 50% savings on maintenance over a traditional diesel-powered vehicle. A-Z Bus offers school districts proven zero-emissions school buses in every type and configuration.

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