3Degrees, Merge Working on Electrification Solutions for EV Fleet Transitioning


3Degrees is collaborating with Merge Electric Fleet Solutions, a company and technology platform that provides commercial fleets with a path to fleet electrification. The partnership allows corporate customers to leverage 3Degrees’ climate consulting experience alongside Merge’s EV and infrastructure analysis to help accelerate EV fleet transitions.

Merge customers will now have the ability to tap into 3Degrees’ expertise in helping businesses access the most value possible through clean fuels programs incentives available in California, Oregon, Washington and a growing number of regions across North America, as well as match all EV charging with renewable energy certificates.

In addition to announcing the partnership, Merge and 3Degrees have completed their first joint electrification analysis pilot utilizing telematics, a first for 3Degrees, as previous electrification assessments have been carried out using fuel data. Telematics provides high-fidelity, granular driving data to build operational confidence while more precisely assessing emissions reductions and total cost of ownership. The analysis showed nearly 50% of their fleet could be easily electrified with little changes to their standard operating processes. Electrification would save 20-45% on all operational costs when compared to their traditional fleet vehicles. Transitioning to an electric fleet could save 50+ metric tons per vehicle of CO2 over the lifetime of use even when charged from the grid. 

The new collaboration aims to provide better access to 3Degrees’ services for fleet owners and connect EV fleet initiatives to broader net zero plans. Merge customers can now seamlessly leverage 3Degrees’ large-scale environmental commodity solutions, including REC transactions, long-term renewable energy procurement, carbon credit portfolio management, transportation commodity and climate advisory services.

3Degrees will be able to draw upon the various EV services that Merge provides, namely the EVSnapShot and the EV360 Analysis, which are pre-implementation EV services that assess the viability of an electric fleet and identify the key next steps to begin the transition, followed by ongoing infrastructure deployment, operations and reporting services. Additionally, 3Degrees’ customers will have the opportunity to trial EVs, namely the Ford F150 Lightning, to further de-risk their electric transition with real-world experiences before committing to millions in upgrades.

“Our customers rely on us to bring forward the most impactful and data-driven solutions to address climate change. Electrifying the transportation sector, which is currently the single largest source of emissions in the U.S., is possible but not without challenges,” says Steve McDougal, 3Degrees’ CEO. “We want our clients to be set up for success from the start. Merge’s granular, customer-specific fleet data paired with 3Degrees’ industry-leading climate consulting expertise allows our clients to reduce risk as they transition to an electric fleet.”

“Fleet electrification lies at the intersection of environmental, economic, and operational considerations,” states Glen Stancil, Merge’s CEO. “Fleets transitioning to electric face the new challenge of capturing cost savings, maximizing emissions value, and ensuring operational success. Merge’s vehicle and charging services coupled with 3Degrees’ climate and environmental commodity leadership can guide customers successfully from their first EV deployed to their ultimate target.”

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