ZEROVA MegaWatt Charging System Powers Up Heavy-Duty EV Fleets


ZEROVA Technologies has debuted its new MegaWatt Charging System (MCS) for commercial heavy-duty vehicles. The MCS offers industry-leading power capabilities — with support for up to 3.75 megawatts, 3,000 amps and 1,250 volts — making it the world’s highest-powered commercial single-stream fast-charging connector, the company says.

With the growing electrification of truck and fleet commercial vehicles, ZEROVA is leveraging its state-of-the-art, customizable MCS charging solutions to harness demand for total commercial fleet solutions while delivering the scalability, efficiency and user-friendly designs these fleets need. It offers an integrated platform that combines cutting-edge hardware and software, with onboard applications such as a system for scheduling charging times for added ease of use.

In North America, ZEROVA has cemented its reputation as a leading partner for white-label EV charging solutions — with a proven track record of fostering collaborations with automakers, Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and turn-key EV charging providers supporting sectors including hospitality, multi-unit dwelling, parking, fuel and fleet.

“Zerova Technologies has established a solid business foundation in the fiercely competitive North American market through successful collaborations with hotels, apartment complexes, parking facilities, gas stations and heavy-duty fleets,” says Alex Lin, chairman of ZEROVA. “We are focused on ensuring that our charging stations not only offer fast and reliable service, but also seamlessly integrate with vehicle technology for optimal charging efficiency.”

Key innovations in the MCS include:

  • Single conductive plug
  • Max 1,250 volt and 3,000 amp (DC)
  • PLC+ISO/IEC 15118
  • Touch Safe (UL2251)
  • On-handle software-interpreted override switch
  • Adheres to OSHA and ADA standards
  • FCC Class A EMI (and local equivalent)
  • Located on left side of the vehicle, roughly hip height
  • Capable of being automated 
  • UL (NREL) certified
  • Cyber-secure
  • V2X (bi-directional)
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