Yutong Electric Buses Excel in Frigid Weather Tests Held in Norway, Kazakhstan


Yutong Bus Co. Ltd., a global mainstream bus supplier, has successfully completed rigorous road tests of its pure electric buses under extreme cold weather conditions in Norway and Kazakhstan, demonstrating a significant milestone in the electrification of public transport.

Facing temperatures as low as minus 25° C in Kazakhstan, the Yutong battery electric bus achieved a remarkable driving range of 374 km, setting a new benchmark for electric bus performance in harsh climates.

The tests in the frigid environments of Astana, Kazakhstan, and within the Arctic Circle in Norway, were not just a trial of endurance but a clear signal of the electric buses’ operational capabilities in extreme conditions.

The E18PRO model, put to the test in Kazakhstan, embarked on a challenging journey on January 21, 2024, demonstrating not just the bus’s range but also its ability to provide a warm and comfortable environment for over 1,500 passengers. The vehicle’s consistent interior temperature between 18° and 22° C amid the biting cold was particularly lauded by passengers for enhancing comfort.

The secret to the E18PRO’s success lies in Yutong’s cutting-edge battery technology, featuring a liquid heating system that maintains optimal temperatures for the lithium iron phosphate batteries, ensuring efficient operation even in the coldest of climates. Additionally, the bus benefits from Yutong’s experience in operating 190,000 new energy commercial vehicles worldwide, employing customized control strategies tailored for extreme cold operations.

Yutong’s pursuit of excellence continued in Norway, where the U12 model was subjected to a demanding test in Kirkenes. Achieving a power consumption of 1.56 kw/km in a live test over 105 km, the U12 operated flawlessly in temperatures reaching minus 33° C. Yutong’s focus on enhancing vehicle durability against corrosion and wear, particularly in Norway’s salt-laden, snowy conditions, has been critical to its success.

With over 331 battery electric buses operating in Norway, Yutong demonstrated its dedication to improving public transport sustainability worldwide. The company’s innovative approach, from the battery’s liquid cooling system to its intelligent features like remote air conditioning scheduling and fault diagnosis, showcases its leadership in the electric bus market.

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