Xos, Winnebago Team Up to Develop Fully Electric Specialty Vehicle Chassis


Xos Inc., a manufacturer of electric commercial vehicles, and Winnebago, the flagship brand of outdoor lifestyle product manufacturer Winnebago Industries, have formed a partnership to develop a fully electric chassis for Winnebago’s Specialty Vehicles division. This chassis uses proven Xos battery and electronics technology and is customized for Winnebago’s commercial applications.

“We constantly seek new ways to enhance our customers’ mission, and our partnership with Xos is an important next step in our efforts,” says Robert Kim, director of Winnebago’s Specialty Vehicles division. “The near-term demand for zero-emission vehicle options from our Specialty Vehicle division continues to grow, and we look forward to extending our leadership position using an Xos chassis designed to integrate seamlessly into our manufacturing processes.”

With the delivery of the first chassis, this partnership brings together two industry leaders to provide innovative, fully electric solutions for the specialty vehicle market. Winnebago’s Specialty Vehicles division has been providing commercial vehicles for over 50 years and has led the market with zero-emissions vehicle solutions, with its first EV introduced in 2018.

“We are thrilled to partner with Winnebago to move the industry forward,” says Dakota Semler, CEO and co-founder of Xos. “This is a testament to the quality and reliability of our products, and to the customer-centered design approach of Winnebago’s Specialty Vehicle team. This partnership combines the strengths of both companies and positively impacts the communities these vehicles serve.”

The specialized chassis for Winnebago will use Xos’ SV platform technology allowing for quick scalability, dependable access to parts, continued software improvements and scalable service support. The chassis is also compatible with Xosphere, Xos’ fleet management software, providing end-users with a comprehensive support system.

Xos’ electric chassis will underpin Winnebago’s zero-emissions commercial vehicle shells, available in 33- and 38-foot lengths. With an estimated driving range up to 200 miles, this new vehicle eliminates tailpipe emissions, reduces noise and lowers overall operating costs.

“Our approach to innovation is rooted in embracing change and collaborating across our businesses to create the best possible experiences for our customers,” adds Jamie Sorenson, director with Winnebago Industries’ Advanced Technology Group, a project partner. “We are constantly monitoring evolving customer needs and technology solutions, and our partnership with Xos represents a significant milestone in our journey into the future of electric specialty vehicles.”

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