Xos, Cox Automotive Mobility Partner on Battery Remanufacturing


Xos Inc., a manufacturer of fully electric Class 5 to Class 8 commercial vehicles, is collaborating with Cox Automotive Mobility to leverage the automotive services provider’s electric vehicle (EV) battery remanufacturing capabilities for Xos battery packs.

Cox Automotive Mobility also announced a foundational investment for its new EV battery service network with the acquisition of Spiers New Technologies (SNT) earlier this month. Xos is working with Cox Automotive to send its battery packs nearing end-of-life to one of the EV battery service centers operated by Cox Automotive Mobility and Spiers New Technology for remanufacturing and preparation for second-life use, in support of Xos’ sustainability goals and to extend the life of Xos products.

“Battery remanufacturing is a vital part of our strategy to help reduce our overall carbon footprint, save on labor costs, and ultimately, help us build the most durable, reliable electric vehicles on the road,” says Rob Ferber, chief technology officer of Xos. “We’re excited to begin working with Cox Automotive Mobility, who is known as one of the leading service providers of EV battery life cycle management in the U.S., with strong automotive OEM partnerships and deep remanufacturability experience.”

“Cox Automotive Mobility, Spiers New Technologies and Xos share a common mission in supporting practices that enable the extension of an EV battery’s life cycle, such as end-of-life reuse and recovery treatments,” mentions Lea Malloy, head of EV battery solutions for Cox Automotive Mobility. “Leveraging SNT’s leadership position and using our nationwide network of EV battery service centers, we are looking forward to helping responsibly manage Xos’ vehicle batteries, limiting waste and giving them a second life.”

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