Xeal Installs Over 100 EV Charging Stations at Stoneweg U.S. Properties


Xeal, a provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and smarter technology for the multifamily industry, has partnered with Stoneweg U.S. LLC, a real estate investment firm specializing in multifamily acquisitions and developments, to install more than 100 charging stations at 10 of Stoneweg’s properties. The deal will add 40 chargers at two properties in Florida, more than 40 at four properties in Kentucky and over 19 at one property in North Carolina.

The partnership with Xeal will enable Stoneweg to meet its environmental, social and governance goals while future-proofing its properties to meet current and upcoming charging demands.

“It was important for us to implement a system that would provide consistent reliability and 100 percent uptime to guarantee the high-quality EV charging experience management wants for its residents,” says Thomas Stanchak, director of sustainability for Stoneweg U.S. LLC. “We were extremely impressed with Xeal’s flawless, innovative and resilient infrastructure and approach. Stoneweg U.S. is confident that this partnership will allow us to continue to drive our sustainability initiatives and goals forward, while delivering the exceptional value we’ve pledged to our stakeholders.”

Xeal’s charging platform relies on its patent-pending Apollo protocol, which uses encrypted tokens and distributed ledger technology for connectivity, eliminating the need for an active internet connection to a central server. The self-reliant Apollo protocol also eliminates the need for costly IT/network infrastructure and upgrades entirely, reducing capex and maximizing ROI.

The simple, user-friendly platform ensures residents can operate the charging stations through token-based connectivity via distributed smartphones, rather than rely on unreliable WiFi or cellular connection to a single point of failure. Xeal’s holistic power optimization technology also empowers owner/operators the ability to install up to three times as many charging stations without electrical upgrades.

“Stoneweg U.S. understands the role it plays in supporting the environment and the explosive growth of electric vehicles and that Xeal’s EV charging technology and self-reliant communication architecture is the most dependable and environmentally-conscious investment for their residents and visitors now and into the future,” states Regan Hartley, vice president of sales at Xeal. “Our partnership will enable Stoneweg U.S. to offer sufficient charging for today’s EV drivers and demonstrate exceptional leadership for the multifamily industry.”

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