Workhorse-Zeem Partnership Will Enhance Service, Support Options


Workhorse Group Inc., an American technology company focused on pioneering the transition to zero-emission commercial vehicles, has partnered with Zeem Solutions to provide additional Workhorse-certified service options for fleet operators and customers. Zeem’s electric vehicle technicians will work hand-in-hand with Workhorse’s technical team to respond quickly to service requests and maintain uptime.

Zeem currently operates out of its flagship hub in Los Angeles, California, with plans to expand and build additional hubs nationwide. Workhorse customers already operating their own managed fleets now have the option to work with Zeem specifically for service and maintenance.

“As we grow our customer footprint in California, partnering with Zeem will help us ensure that our fleet operators have local support for all their service needs,” says Scott Loomis, Workhorse vice president of quality and aftersales support. “Zeem provides an important touchpoint for EV operators in one of the largest cities in the country, and they’re a well-respected name in the industry. Their deep experience in servicing and maintaining electric vehicles enhances our ability to minimize disruption due to downtime and maximize time on the road.”

“We look forward to working with a premier EV OEM like Workhorse as we build out our network of service and charging hubs,” adds Rick Eckert, vice president of operations at Zeem. “We aim to pair our offerings with their best-in-class vehicles to create a first-rate experience for EV fleet operators.”

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