Work Truck OEM Selects Hexagon Purus for Battery-Electric Vehicle Integration


Hexagon Purus says it has signed a long-term agreement with a major North American OEM to provide complete vehicle integration of battery-electric vocational trucks in North America.

The scope of the agreement is for complete vehicle integration of battery electric vocational trucks with Hexagon Purus’ proprietary zero-emission technology, including battery systems, auxiliary modules, power modules and vehicle-level software.

The trucks will be compliant with, among others, the Advanced Clean Truck regulation in California, which requires all truck manufacturers and distributors to have an incrementally higher zero-emission vehicle content when selling in California from 2024 and onwards.

The contract will run from 2024 and has an estimated potential sales value of approximately $150 million.

“Our unique vehicle integration capabilities, coupled with our proprietary product portfolio of key components and technologies required for electrification of heavy-duty trucking, make us an attractive partner for OEMs looking to go zero-emission,” says Morten Holum, CEO of Hexagon Purus.

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