Woodland Meadows Landfill Gas-to-RNG Facility Now Open


Ameresco Inc. says its gas-to-energy facility at Waste Management’s Woodland Meadows Landfill in Michigan has achieved Environmental Protection Agency approval and is now in operation.

Ameresco designed and built and now owns and operates the facility, which converts approximately 6,600 standard cubic feet per minute of landfill gas to approximately 3,500 dekatherms of renewable natural gas (RNG) every day. The facility was commissioned in November 2017.

The RNG facility operates continuously. Blower stations draw from raw landfill gas to produce pipeline-quality gas for distribution in the local gas distribution system.

GAIN Clean Fuel, in partnership with Ameresco, takes ownership of the RNG upon delivery to the natural gas distribution system and transports it for use within the transportation sector.

“The project, one of the largest of its kind in the U.S., is unique both technically and commercially,” says Michael T. Bakas, executive vice president of Ameresco. “We are very proud of the focus and hard work our staff invested to bring this renewable energy project to fruition. Working with Waste Management and GAIN Clean Fuel to develop this facility has been a very rewarding experience. We look forward to a long-term partnership on this flagship project with these two incredible organizations.”

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Jeff McCann
Jeff McCann
5 years ago

Nice, some official was running around with a Decible meter or the like taking all sort of readings last week or so, interesting how the plant was strangly silent during that time, its back to being it annoying roaring self again, would be nice if you folk that run this thing would man up and move it really went out of your way to put a lot of folks at risk here, I mean you have the whole square mile and you had to put it where the most people can be injured should an accident occur, great engineering there.

Jeff McCann
Jeff McCann
5 years ago

This compressor station is located less than 100 yards from a residential area, The builders thoughtfully pointed all the cooling fans at the nieborhood, also the din from the plant running is intolerable, in addition, there has been no consideration as to safety for the residents in case of a fire or explosion, no blast shield has been erected, should a failure occur there is nothing to protect the residents. It really makes one wonder why this plant would be located here, as there are many other places on this property where this could have been placed far away from… Read more »