Westport and Partners Wrap Up Hydrogen Heavy-Truck Demo


Westport Fuel Systems Inc. has completed a heavy-transport demonstration with its H2 HPDI fuel system-equipped hydrogen prototype truck hauling a refrigerated trailer in Madrid, Spain.

The collaboration between Westport and key transportation and energy partners includes:

  • Disfirmur SL, a transport and logistics company, performing refrigerated goods transportation services, committed to efficient and sustainable transport;
  • Scale Gas, an energy infrastructure company, responsible for refueling the vehicle at its Madrid hydrogen refueling station; and
  • Versallis Tech Services, a hydrogen and renewable energy services consulting firm, providing technical support and coordination of the operation.

The demo was made possible by Mercadona, a Spanish supermarket chain, which successfully implemented the test by carrying out a distribution service in Madrid.

The collaborating companies have demonstrated their capabilities in their different fields, building a comprehensive and pioneering initiative at a national level that paves the way toward sustainable and efficient transport in the Spanish capital using a carbon-free fuel.

“We unquestionably need affordable heavy-duty hydrogen fueled trucks to help our customers like Mercadona achieve their transport decarbonization goals,” says Juan J. Sanchez, CEO of Disfrimur. “Trucks equipped with Westport’s H2 HPDI fuel system are the solution to our needs today; a technology that is affordable and fits our operational needs, powered by hydrogen.”

Photo credit: Andrés Valdivia (CNW Group/Westport Fuel Systems)

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