WeaveGrid Partners with ACM to Test EV Grid Integration Software


WeaveGrid, a software company enabling the rapid integration of electric vehicles with the electric grid, is partnering with the American Center for Mobility (ACM) to test its software with real-world EVs and charging infrastructure at ACM’s Willow Run facility in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

This effort will be supported by the Michigan Mobility Funding Platform, a grant awarded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification (OFME).

WeaveGrid’s software helps EVs integrate with the electric grid by leveraging data and controls available via vehicle telematics and cloud-connected charging hardware. By combining these data sources with grid-optimized algorithms to facilitate charging at beneficial times, WeaveGrid enables EVs and charging devices to interact with the grid, thereby boosting grid resilience while reducing driver costs.

By participating in live testing at ACM’s Willow Run testing and development facility, WeaveGrid will be able to:

  • Expand testing of its software with diverse EV models and charging stations. ACM’s expansive facilities offer a real-world environment in which to test WeaveGrid’s software products across various EV models and charger types.
  • Utilize ACM’s EV Charging & Interoperability Testbed to validate vehicle data and charging insights to inform ongoing software development as well as future EV-grid integration strategies.
  • Establish a testing facility to house test vehicles and expand WeaveGrid’s presence in southeastern Michigan.

“The collaboration unlocked by this grant represents an exciting opportunity to gather real-world data from a wide range of EVs and chargers and lead the way in advanced measurement and validation of vehicle telematics for utility applications more broadly,” says Yakov Berenshteyn, WeaveGrid’s director of Automotive & Charging Partnerships. “By working with the American Center for Mobility, we will support OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and EVSE (EV supply equipment) providers in elevating their grid integration capabilities and ensure our utility partners have a robust software platform to solve infrastructure optimization challenges cost-effectively.”

“The American Center for Mobility is proud to collaborate with WeaveGrid on this innovative effort to improve the EV experience for drivers,” adds Reuben Sarkar, president and CEO of ACM. “Our facility provides the perfect testbed for companies like WeaveGrid to develop and demonstrate the cutting-edge software and technologies that will shape the future of electrified mobility. We’re especially thrilled to welcome this effort here in Michigan, the leading state for advancing the mobility industry.”

With access to ACM’s development and validation garage facility, as well as a range of Level 2 EV chargers, WeaveGrid will begin conducting charging test procedures later in 2024. Formalizing this effort at the Michigan Testing Facility in Ypsilanti will also open the door for expanding this effort and engaging with major automotive events.

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