Wallbox, Partners Receive $25.6 Million for Chargers at Multifamily Properties


Wallbox, a provider of electric vehicle charging and energy management solutions, and COIL, an EV charging installation service and Wallbox subsidiary, have secured proposed awards of $25.6 million from the Washington state Department of Commerce’s Electric Vehicle Charging Program.

The awards were secured in conjunction with partners Clean and Prosperous Institute and Adopt a Charger and are part of the department’s first round of the program. They will be used to deploy Wallbox’s latest AC Level 2 charger, the Pulsar Pro, across 148 multifamily housing properties throughout Washington state.

“One of the most commonly cited concerns for prospective EV drivers is access to EV charging, especially for those who do not live in detached houses,” says Erik Fogelberg, general manager of Wallbox North America. “Wallbox and the state of Washington have a shared commitment of ensuring that chargers are deployed across all use cases, including multifamily housing, to ensure that benefits of going electric are accessible to all. We are excited to partner alongside the department, and our partners, to deliver best-in-class charging solutions, including installation through COIL, across the state of Washington.”

The project will utilize Pulsar Pro AC Level 2 chargers, designed specifically for commercial and multifamily residential use in the North American market. Pulsar Pro is equipped with RFID integration and ISO 15118 readiness, ensuring secure and future-ready charging capabilities. Pulsar Pro’s dynamic power sharing feature monitors a building’s power and automatically allocates power to connected EVs. This reduces the need for upfront electrical infrastructure upgrades and realizes the full value of Washington state’s public investments in charging infrastructure.

Projects will be designed and installed by COIL in partnership with Resound Energy, a Washington state-based energy efficiency contractor, at 148 multifamily housing properties, including 146 Greystar properties. Adopt A Charger will also provide consumer education to respective projects for the chargers installed and benefits of electrification for the multifamily properties to support EV adoption and easy access to charging.

This award is part of a larger $85 million initially announced in February by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and the state’s Department of Commerce, representing the first of two announced rounds of funding dedicated to supporting clean transportation, improving air quality and ensuring EV charging access for all Washington state drivers.

“Washington is at the forefront of transportation electrification, and we will continue to invest in strategies and programs that decarbonize our economy, generate clean jobs and promote electric vehicle adoption,” says Michael Furze, assistant director, Energy Division of the Washington State Department of Commerce. “The Washington Electric Vehicle Charging Program is a prime example of utilizing public-private partnerships to deliver access to charging infrastructure while prioritizing installations in communities that are most vulnerable to health impacts of air pollution.”

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