Wallbox Begins Deliveries of Its Pulsar Pro North America EV Charger Series


Wallbox, a provider of electric vehicle charging solutions, has started deliveries of Pulsar Pro North America in the United States. Pulsar Pro is the latest addition to Wallbox’s Pulsar family of smart EV chargers, designed specifically for shared spaces including multi-unit residential and commercial properties.

“Our Pulsar family was born from a need to make EV charging smarter, faster and better,” says Enric Asunción, CEO of Wallbox. “Today, we see an opportunity to reinvent the charging experience for shared spaces with Pulsar Pro, setting a new standard for reliability, cost-effectiveness and intelligent charging.”

Pulsar Pro takes the powerful capabilities of Wallbox’s Pulsar Plus charger and adds new features optimized for multi-user environments:

  • RFID access control provides intuitive user authentication.
  • Dynamic Power Sharing manages energy distribution across up to 50 chargers.
  • Thanks to OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) compatibility, myWallbox software or partner platforms enable Pulsar Pro to meet the business needs in any commercial environment.
  • ISO 15118 readiness, ensuring secure and future-ready charging capabilities.

Besides its intelligent charging capabilities, Pulsar Pro delivers reliability and ease of use. Its robust casing meets NEMA Type 4 requirements to protect against impacts, water and dust. An advanced proprietary platform enables faster processing and better performance, while a compact, attractive design with halo lighting shows charging status at a glance. For installers and charge point operators, Pulsar Pro is built to save time and reduce costs. An optional OCPP factory configuration streamlines installation, while the myWallbox business portal enables remote charger management, payment processing, user access controls and reporting. A new partner, API, also allows for custom integrations and compatibility with demand response programs.

“With EV charging infrastructure becoming essential for multifamily and business properties, we’re excited to deliver a solution truly built for shared spaces,” says Erik Fogelberg, general manager of North America at Wallbox. “Pulsar Pro exemplifies our mission of making EV charging accessible to everyone, including those living in multifamily homes. Pulsar Pro provides a solution that is efficient, connected and designed specifically to cater for shared spaces.”

Pulsar Pro is now available for order through Wallbox’s network of certified installers and distributors across the United States.

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