VSBLTY, EOS Linx Sign Analytics Software Contract for Solar EV Charging Stations


VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp., a software provider of security and retail analytics technology, has signed a five-year contract with EOS Linx to install its DataCaptor analytics solution in EOS Charge stations. VSBLTY’s DataCaptor leverages camera and sensor technology with artificial intelligence (machine learning and computer vision) to provide real-time analytics and audience measurement.

Located at convenience and retail stores, shopping centers, and hotels, EOS Charge stations are universal electric vehicle (EV) chargers that are supported by solar power. With a 75-inch digital display, EOS Charge provides a digital out-of-home advertising solution.

The first EOS Charge stations will be installed in Atlanta and Chattanooga this fall, with additional deployments across the Sunbelt expected shortly thereafter.

“Our approach is to rapidly deploy our EOS Charge in cost-effective ways using intelligent and innovative solutions to capture large market share throughout the U.S.,” says Blake Snider, president at EOS Linx. “Our partnership with VSBLTY will play a major role in helping us achieve our aggressive expansion strategy of creating a fully integrated out-of-home advertising network, powering today’s on-the-go lifestyle.”

“VSBLTY will be integrating with a live content management system to run our proprietary DataCaptor solution,” explains Jay Hutton, VSBLTY co-founder and CEO. “The total contract value for VSBLTY over the first 504 units deployed will be $1.16 million.”

VSBLTY technology provides enhanced customer engagement and audience measurement including store traffic and customer demographics. The VisionCaptor and DataCaptor software combine motion graphics and interactive brand messaging with computer vision measurement and insights. VSBLTY’s AI-driven software, Vector, provides advanced facial recognition that is crucial to enhancing security in a variety of environments.

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