Voltus, SemaConnect Offer EV Charging as Grid Support for Wholesale Markets


Voltus Inc., a distributed energy resource (DER) software platform, has partnered with SemaConnect, an electric vehicle (EV) charging service company, to offer cash-generating opportunities to SemaConnect’s workplace charging clients across U.S. and Canadian wholesale power markets.

“Integrating with Voltus is part of our strategic growth strategy allowing our stations to connect to wholesale power markets,” states Mahi Reddy, CEO and founder at SemaConnect. “As more workplaces plug into the EV grid, smart features such as grid optimization and access to cash generating market opportunities are essential to support the growth of EVs. Our integration with Voltus will drive grid reliability and open new avenues for our clients to recoup investments in EV charging infrastructure.”

SemaConnect has over 15,000 stations throughout North America.

“We are empowering SemaConnect’s workplace customers to earn cash while supporting grid resilience by connecting EV charging stations to operating reserves markets, beginning with the PJM Interconnection and followed by the remaining U.S. and Canadian markets,” says Gregg Dixon, CEO of Voltus. “As more companies welcome their employees back to the office, we believe workplace EV charging demand will grow, increasing customers’ earning potential.”

The Voltus software platform connects DERs to electricity markets, maximizing the availability of these resources to grid operators. It is comprised of all DER asset types, from the smallest DERs (e.g. smart thermostats and other residential resources) to the largest DERs (e.g. manufacturing facilities, data centers, big box retail).

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