Vicinity Motor Corp. Class 3 Electric Trucks Now Being Delivered


Vicinity Motor Corp., a North American supplier of commercial electric vehicles, says it is beginning deliveries of the first Class 3 electric trucks to roll off its assembly line in Canada.

“The VMC 1200 will help British Columbia and Canada become leaders in the EV sector, while supporting ambitious government targets for net-zero transportation, local job growth, and economic diversification,” says William Trainer, founder and CEO of Vicinity Motor Corp.

“With the 1200 recently qualifying for Transport Canada’s $550 million subsidy program for medium-duty zero-emission vehicles, it has only become more appealing to commercial transportation operators seeking to reduce costs, eliminate carbon emissions, and run more efficient fleets.”

The company says the VMC 1200 is ideal for applications ranging from construction and utility to deliveries. Highlights include Li-ion battery technology that provides up to 150 kWh of power; full charging at Level 2 in five to seven hours and at Level 3 in 2.5 hours, via a CCS1 Combo Plug; 150 miles of range on a single charge; and a standard five-year warranty

Distribution of the VMC 1200, which is projected to account for a significant portion of near-term sales, is starting this month.

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