Unique Electric Solutions to Convert School Bus from Diesel to Electric


Unique Electric Solutions (UES) has begun a project to convert a 2016 Blue Bird School bus from diesel to electric for the Beaverton (Oregon) School District. The transformation is being carried out with the support of FORTH Mobility.

By transitioning the school bus to electric power, the Beaverton School District aims to reduce emissions, lower operational costs and promote a healthier environment for students and the entire community.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Beaverton School District and FORTH Mobility on this pioneering project,” says Joe Ambrosio, president and CEO of UES. “This conversion represents a tangible step toward a greener future, showcasing the potential of electric vehicles in improving public transportation and reducing our carbon footprint.”

One of the significant benefits of repowering a vehicle that is in generally good shape, such as this 2016 Blue Bird School bus, is avoiding unnecessary scrappage. By converting instead of replacing, the use of existing resources is maximized and waste is reduced, further contributing to environmental sustainability.

As the project progresses, UES will provide regular updates, showcasing key milestones and benefits of the electric bus conversion. This initiative is expected to inspire similar projects across the region and beyond, demonstrating the feasibility and advantages of electric vehicles in various applications.

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