U.S. Border Protection Agency Chooses Verdek EV Oasis for Its Electric Fleet


In a strategic move toward greener border security operations, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has selected Verdek‘s EV Oasis off-grid DC fast-charging solutions to energize its Ford F-150 Lightning trucks that monitor the southern borders of New Mexico and Arizona.

Verdek’s EV Oasis is a mobile, fully off-grid charging station, complete with dual ports, that signifies a crucial advancement in the company’s commitment to promoting eco-friendly transportation.

The EV Oasis is engineered to redefine the electric vehicle charging experience, tailored for both versatility and environmental sustainability in remote or off-grid locations. Powered by renewable energy, this charging solution provides vital accessibility to EV drivers where grid connectivity is scarce. Its design for rapid deployment allows it to bypass the complex processes associated with extensive infrastructure upgrades, permitting and civil works.

Key attributes of the EV Oasis include fast charging speeds, compatibility across various EV models, and a sturdy off-grid power system. Verdek’s focus on sustainability is evident through its use of advanced technology, making the EV Oasis a conscientious choice for consumers and businesses alike.

“Our goal is to make clean energy accessible to everyone, everywhere,” says Guy Mannino, CEO of Verdek. “The introduction of Verdek EV Oasis is a major step forward in our commitment to crafting a sustainable transportation future.”

Photo credit: Verdek.com

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